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Date: 03 Jul 2014 07:15:28 -0700

Randall...Looking at photos in Holck's color pictorial, these are the following from 1968/69, all horns relocated:

945  quarter wave ant.  can't see horn
949  quarter wave ant.  two chime horn
955  quarter wave ant.  two chime horn
957  firecracker ant.     blat horn
948  quarter wave ant.  two chime horn
959  quarter wave ant.  two chime horn
970  quarter wave ant.  can't see horn
975(1964)  quarter wave and two chime

Spoor  vol 4:

952 quarter wave ant  two chime horn

These are just a few that I found. Also keep in mind that P2K did both versions of the GP30. The second order, 970-977 had the left rear of the cab slightly longer. 

Hope this helps a little moer.



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