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Re: [CBQ] Slide and Negative Scanners

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Subject: Re: [CBQ] Slide and Negative Scanners
From: "William Barber" <clipperw@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2020 23:11:10 -0600

Some one already mentioned it, but I have used a Plustek scanner for some 
years. Mine is an older version, but the current model is Plustek 8100 and they 
can be purchased on line for $350 - $400. I have had very good performance with 
it. It is not fast, depending on the quality level that you want. Higher 
resolution takes longer. It will do any slide with a 2 x 2 mount, but it only 
processes a 35 mm size image. I have some 127 slides that will have the top and 
bottom cut off. Not a problem if the subject matter doesn’t extend to the top 
or bottom. The unit comes with a software package called Silverfast. Throw that 
away and use your Vuescan software, That works great, is relatively easy to use 
and provides excellent control and results. 

The Vuescan won’t do your microfilm, so other than a flatbed scanner, I have no 
suggestion for those. I agree with others that the Epson series of V series 
flatbed scanners do well. I have an older Epson that does a pretty good job. 
They can also be operated with your Vuescan software. I don’t think that there 
is a prefect solution. I also agree with the other poster that the Nikon 
Coolscan 5000s are supposed to be very good and they can be fast if they 
include the auto slide feed attachment. Prices are generally around $2000 or 
more on Ebay. I think a lot of people buy one, scan their slides and then sell 
the unit.

Bill Barber
Gravois Mills, MO

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