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Re: [CBQ] Slide and Negative Scanners

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Subject: Re: [CBQ] Slide and Negative Scanners
From: "Dale Grice" <dfgrice@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2020 12:05:35 -0500
Well, I store all my images including CB&Q (trying to remain relevant) on a RAID 5 network attached storage. I keep spare disks on hand. A Raid 5 system can tolerate a disk failure. Replace it with a new one and the data store is automatically rebuilt. Google readynas. I can also get any doc or image on my Cell phone anywhere in the world where I have a cell or wifi service. Very handy. Impresses doctors when I can pull up medical records from home.

Dale Grice

On 11/20/2020 11:56 AM, William Barber wrote:

I also have a Plustek 7600i and agree with your negative objections, but the end results for me are 
excellent and the price was reasonable. The problem that you describe about the Plustek is also a problem 
with the Nikon Coolscan machines. I don’t think they can take slides other than 2 x 2 mounts and I 
don’t know if they can adjust to accommodate wider frame format 2 x 2 slides such as 127 and 828. As 
I said in an earlier post, there doesn’t seem to be good solution that satisfies all requirements. 
Another problem to consider is where do you safely store all of the scans. I use two high capacity external 
hard drives. I don’t really want my photos stored on the web and, that is getting more expensive, 

Bill Barber
Gravois Mills, MO

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