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Re: [CBQ] New Rapido UTLX 10,000 Gallon X-3 Insulated Tank Cars

Subject: Re: [CBQ] New Rapido UTLX 10,000 Gallon X-3 Insulated Tank Cars
From: "William Hirt" <>
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2024 11:05:33 -0500
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I just dragged out my GM&O Industrial Guide from 1954. I also have a 1963 NYC Industrial Guide. The guides shows the following refineries on the Illinois side:

Wood River, IL

- Ohio Oil Company (name charged to Marathon Oil Company 1962). Served by NYC (Big 4), GM&O, IT.

- Shell Oil Company (Roxanna, IL as was called by GM&O). Served by NYC (Big 4), GM&O, IT.

- Standard Oil of Indiana. Served by NYC (Big 4), GM&O, IT.

The NYC Guide also shows that UTLX had a Tank Car repair/cleaning facility at Wood River. Served by NYC (Big 4), GM&O, and IT.

South Wood River, IL (Hartford, IL as was called by NYC).

- Sinclair Refining Company. Served by NYC (Big 4), GM&O, IT.

The NYC Guide shows a separate breakout for the Sinclair Asphalt Plant. It was served only by NYC (Big 4) and GM&O.

The Sinclair Tank Car fleet (SDRX) was absorbed by UTLX starting October 1957 Railway Equipment Register. By January 1966, only one car (SDRX 14861) was listed and it was a 8,000 Gallon car. So the cars listed in 97's consist could be from this asphalt plant as UTLX cars.

These were all on the joint GM&O-NYC track the Q used out of East St. Louis via trackage rights to Galesburg on the Illinois side.

Bill Hirt

On 6/16/2024 3:09 PM, Tom Mack via wrote:
On Sat, Jun 15, 2024 at 03:46 PM, Leo Phillipp wrote:
there were two #97s one from Galesburg and one from Cicero... I suspect these loads generated west or south of Galesburg.
The wheel reports I have are for 97 from Galesburg to Savanna. So as Leo said, these loads would have originated from west or south of Galesburg. So perhaps the Roxanna, IL refinery that Bill Hirt mentioned. Or???
Tom Mack
Cincinnati, OH
Modeling Chicago-Mpls/StP 1965-merger
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