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Re: [CBQ] New Rapido UTLX 10,000 Gallon X-3 Insulated Tank Cars

Subject: Re: [CBQ] New Rapido UTLX 10,000 Gallon X-3 Insulated Tank Cars
From: "Richard Gortowski via" <>
Date: Sat, 15 Jun 2024 15:49:16 -0500
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Sorry! Wrong address.

Rich G
> On Jun 15, 2024, at 3:32 PM, Richard Gortowski via 
> <> wrote:
> Ok, no later than 4:30 at Woodman’s.
>> On Jun 15, 2024, at 3:19 PM, Warren Hanson via 
>> <> wrote:
>> Leo,
>> I never get tired of your knowledge! It might not be of importance to my RR 
>> but I always learn something from you
>> Tanks!
>> Warren
>>>> On Jun 15, 2024, at 3:46 PM, Leo Phillipp via 
>>>> <> wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I worked at UTLX for 21&1/4 years. The asphalt being discussed shipped in 
>>> tank cars was/is a very thick,viscous liquid when loaded. It tends to set 
>>> up under shipment and harden so that is why it is shipped in insulated and 
>>> heater coiled cars. The product needs to be reheated to unload. At the 
>>> asphalt plant it is combined with various aggregates depending on the 
>>> specifications of the end user to make the asphalt that becomes a hard 
>>> surface road.
>>> To give you some idea of how viscous and hard asphalt becomes in a tank 
>>> car; many,many times I approved manual labor charges to scrape asphalt off 
>>> the interior of tank shells. This would be after a diesel rinse. If there 
>>> was still too much asphalt residue after a diesel rinse and scraping the 
>>> next step was an interior blast with sand and/or steel grit.
>>> Depending on the age of these 10,000 gallon cars the older ones would have 
>>> interior heater pipes and cars built starting in the late 50s or so would 
>>> have exterior coils. The interior pipes literally ran inside the tanks 
>>> along the walls just above the center line
>>> Of the car and came out at the ends. They were maintenance headaches as 
>>> they corroded and allowed commodity to get into the pipes and then the cars 
>>> would not heat properly.
>>> Exterior coils are welded to the exterior of the tank under the insulation 
>>> and jacket. Their connections are at the bottom center of the tank. They 
>>> also eventually corrode and then it’s a hunt to find where the leaks are 
>>> and tear off jacket and insulation.
>>> Tom, states the models are of class X-3 which is a very earlier class Of 
>>> tanks before they were reclassified to 103W and then later still to 
>>> 111A100w3.
>>> Tom states these cars moved on #97 from Galesburg so they might have come 
>>> from Whiting which was served by the “J” now CN.
>>> But that would be a round about routing instead
>>> Of going “J” to Eola and being picked up there by the other #97 out of 
>>> Cicero. Yes there were two #97s one from Galesburg and one from Cicero. See 
>>> Your ETTs.
>>> Yes, I’m sure in the old days 97 picked up at Eola. When that stopped I’m 
>>> not sure. But I’ve talked with more than one old Eola/Q switchman who spoke 
>>> of it. So I suspect these loads generated west or south of Galesburg.
>>> John D Rockefeller and his Standard Oil managers started UTLX as UTL. It 
>>> pretty much controlled the supply of tank cars. There was
>>> Much in the way of rebates,kickbacks,etc from the RRa to Standard and 
>>> finally the govt forced Standard to spinoff UTL. If you can find a copy of
>>> “John D Rockefellers Secret Weapon” your in for lots of lessons about tank 
>>> car and business history. It is the official corporate history published by 
>>> UTLX.
>>> So be prepared for a rather detailed read without hardly any photos. It’s a 
>>> true corporate history not a typical railfan read.
>>> Probably way more than you ever wanted to know but now you do.
>>> Leo Phillipp
>>>>> On Jun 15, 2024, at 1:13 PM, William Hirt <> wrote:
>>>> Tom,
>>>> A primary source of asphalt is oil refineries. It is created by using one 
>>>> of by-products of the refining process mixed with rock. Even after the 
>>>> Standard Oil monopoly breakup circa 1910, the various Standard Oil 
>>>> companies still used UTLX cars as UTLX was originally part of Standard 
>>>> Oil. A good estimate would be the cars came from the large Standard Oil of 
>>>> Indiana refinery at Whiting, IN. Wisconsin was in the Standard Oil of 
>>>> Indiana marketing territory.
>>>> Other refinery shippers did use UTLX. According to Steve Hile's UTLX book, 
>>>> UTLX over the years absorbed tank cars from Skelly, Pure Oil, Marathon, 
>>>> Shell and Conoco. So I think it is reasonable to expect they used UTLX 
>>>> cars when needed to ship product. Shell had a refinery in Roxanna IL which 
>>>> is on the Illinois side of St. Louis.
>>>> I found this map of the Standard Oil marketing territories in the late 
>>>> 1960s:
>>>> <>
>>>> This is why brands such as Esso had branding such as Humble and Indiana 
>>>> Standard had American and UTOCO to sell product in the other Standard 
>>>> marketing areas.
>>>> Bill HIrt
>>>>>> On 6/15/2024 11:12 AM, Tom Mack via wrote:
>>>>> Rapido just announced a new run of their UTLX X-3 tank cars that includes 
>>>>> 10,000 Gallon X-3 Insulated Tank Cars which among other things, were used 
>>>>> to carry asphalt. Why this is of importance to Q modelers is that large 
>>>>> blocks of these cars are confirmed as traveling on Train 97 from 
>>>>> Galesburg to Savanna and on to the GB&W interchange at East Winona for 
>>>>> destinations along the GB&W in Wisconsin. These cars were in the UTLX 
>>>>> 60000-62999 series and the UTLX 64000-64999 and 66000-67999 series. The 
>>>>> Rapido cars being offered are  60016, 60064, 60503, 60531, 61714, 62288 
>>>>> and fit perfectly for CB&Q asphalt transport use.
>>>>> We have very few CB&Q wheel reports for Train 97 (I only have three), and 
>>>>> two of these have large blocks of asphalt cars. For example CB&Q Train 97 
>>>>> on June 4, 1966 (summer road work season) has a block of 11 UTLX tank 
>>>>> cars that contains the following 10 UTLX X-3 cars carrying asphalt bound 
>>>>> for East Winona GB&W interchange: 67241, 61944, 61826, 62634, 62949, 
>>>>> 62959, 62088, 67130, 64508, 61935, 66172. All 10 cars are destined for 
>>>>> Asphalt Products Company is Stevens Point, WI on the GB&W.
>>>>> CB&Q Train 97 on July 21, 1966 (also summer road work season) has a block 
>>>>> of 10 UTLX X-3 tank cars carrying asphalt bound for East Winona GB&W 
>>>>> interchange and then to WAUCOUHIG (Waupaca County Highway Department) in 
>>>>> Ogdensburg, WI on the GB&W: 62420, 62886, 66699, 67924, 62397, 62484, 
>>>>> 61690, 69050, 66966, 60812.
>>>>> The significant blocks of asphalt cars that turn up in just 2 of 3 CB&Q 
>>>>> wheel reports indicates to me that this was a common CB&Q shipment, at 
>>>>> least in the summer of 1966 on the CB&Q to GB&W. So I am buying a number 
>>>>> of these cars to run in a block.
>>>>> The question now is, where did the asphalt come from? Was there a major 
>>>>> refinery or facility that produced asphalt that would have been carried 
>>>>> on Train 97 and perhaps then to other parts of the CB&Q system as well?
>>>>> (I have no affiliation with Rapido but am VERY glad to see them doing 
>>>>> these insulated 10,000 gallon X-3 tank cars!)

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