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Subject: Re: [CBQ] GP30 fans
From: "Gordon Smith" <kc2bw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2021 06:44:41 -0500
Chris, The number of tall stanchions on the firemans side depend on which cab the loco had. EMD re-designed the rear of the firemans side by lengthening it to provide more room. Q motors 940-969 had the short cabs and 970-977 the long one.

Gordon Smith

popbumper1 wrote:

  Thank you so much for a very thorough assessment of shortcomings; this is quite helpful!

  I was aware of Cannon 48" fans no longer being available, but the Plano grilles will be very helpful. Incidentally, regarding the handrails, I also noticed on the fireman's side that there should be two short/SEVEN long stanchions, and their factory plastic rails are two short/SIX long! Interesting...

   Thanks again, and also for the photo/detail on the Bulletin!

Chris Munson

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