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Re: [CBQ] Holy Grail CB&Q Flexi-Van Black Hawk Photo

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Subject: Re: [CBQ] Holy Grail CB&Q Flexi-Van Black Hawk Photo
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Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2021 14:25:04 -0600

Brian and group-

I had collected photos of the Flexi-Vans for a N Scale project for a friend that did not get completed.

The only one I have an image with Rockwell High Speed Trucks of is a ATSF MarkV car.   None of the NYC, MILW, CB&Q or IC cars have anything than some form of conventional roller bearing truck.

Which brings up a question on truck diagrams….

….does anyone have truck diagrams that cover the fifties to the end?   My truck diagram book stops at ARA “Bettendorf” and Andrews trucks and I am wondering if any Chrysler Trucks were used on CB&Q equipment.  I can’t lay hands on my later freight car diagram book and don’t recall if the truck diagrams were bound in with the freight cars.  As far as I know the passenger car truck diagrams ended with the early shovelnoses as I’ve never seen anything post 1934-ish.



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Did all the Flexi-Van flats have Rockwell trucks?



Brian Ehni



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Don't know if it will help, but here's a Q Flexi-Van flat in Denver with two NYC containers to see if their herald plaque match those on the second container in the Black Hawk photo.




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Every so often you find one of those "Holy Grail" photos. I just found one in the new Morning Sun book on Chicago Intercity Trains (I was at a train show). According to the caption in the book it is the Chicago-bound Black Hawk approaching St. Paul Union Depot (SPUD) in August 1969. You can barely make out the GN roundhouse behind the curve. It has a single E9A and right behind it is a CB&Q Flexi-Van flat with two side door Flexi-Vans. The first is clearly Burlington, but I think the second one is either MILW or NYC since it does not have the full BURLINGTON side board. Behind the Flexi-Van was a couple of Havelock baggage cars, then two smooth side silver passenger cars, then another car I can't make out..

I have been looking forever for confirmation of Flexi-Vans on Q trains between Chicago and Mpls-StP (since I have a couple of the Walthers cars) and this now confirms it happened at least once! But I would think this was maybe a regular occurrence? I did not buy a $60 book for one photo, but took careful notes. Does anyone have this book who could look at the photo and confirm, especially my thoughts on the second Flexi-Van trailer? Or does anyone have any further info on Flexi-Vans on the Black Hawk?

Tom Mack
Cincinnati, OH

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