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Re: [CBQ] Atlantic & Danville Boxcars on the Q

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Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2021 13:00:08 +0000
Owen and Steve,

Thank you for the replies and interesting information. As I refine my roster, I am trying to be a bit more realistic and I happen to be on a 40’ boxcar kick right now. 

Ricky Keil
St Louis, MO

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Atlantic and Danville served the ports around Hampton Roads West Norfolk and Pinners Point so a home road generated load could be almost anything that arrived by ship to anywhere in North America. While A&D boxcars should be routed towards home once unloaded, they were part of the national boxcar pool and so could wander far and wide, loaded and unloaded, again and again before making it home. Likely the car would return bearing some new load from afar destined for an along the line customer or one of the ports. Then the cycle starts again.
Boxcars are fascinating creatures!
As an aside, my mother grew up just a couple miles from Denniston, VA, on the old A&D. The right-of-way still crosses in front of my Uncle Rufus' antebellum farmhouse making for a nice walking trail.
Thanks to all who make for an interesting CB&Q-related discussion site.
T. Owen Thorne
BRHS Member
owen at udel dot edu
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