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Subject: Re: [External] [CBQ] How was Soda Ash and Silica Sand transported?
From: "Michael Woodruff" <mwoodruff54@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 7 Jul 2021 16:29:53 -0700
To back up Eric's comments, a quick perusal of the American Car and Foundry collection of photos in the Barriger Archives on Flickr ( turned up ACF two-bay covered hoppers built as early as 4/42 (Lot 2338 for the MEC) and 9/42 (Lot 2431 for the CNJ).  These were 1,796 cubic foot capacity cars for cement loading.  So while covered hoppers may not have been in widespread use until the mid-1950s, they were certainly around more than a decade earlier.


On Wed, 7 Jul 2021 at 09:36, Eric Mumper <eric.mumper@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

There is some really good information here and I certainly appreciate Ed's comments on Ottawa and Streator as I model the area and have done some research on the industries.  I would like to quibble a bit with the comment of covered hoppers coming into use in the late 50s - my research shows late 40s to early 50s for bulk commodities like cement, sand, soda ash, limestone, phosphate rock and others.  This is backed up by the massive orders of ACF style 1958 cuft covered hoppers during this time for many railroads and is covered quite well by the Railway Prototype Cyclopedia series in 3 issues.

Another note to add to this conversation is about soda ash.  The mid-50s is where soda ash shifted from manufactured to mined.  The UP Green River area now provides almost all soda ash.  I have records of soda ash coming into Owens-Illinois in Streator off the Wabash in 1954.  The best guess is this originated in Detroit and would be manufactured soda ash.  This came in the GACX Owens-Illinois Duraglas covered hoppers.  Information here: 

A lot of the limestone was handled by the Missouri Pacific and more specifically the Missouri Illinois in both conventional covered hoppers and in 3 bay offset side hoppers with roof additions.

Eric Mumper

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