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We took a WB (Inbound) absolute signal out in the mid 80's right next to the BT employee parking lot. It was across the street from the building. I can't remember it being over a POSM.   Controlled by Seminary.  Only about a block from the East end of the Peoria WYE POSM.  (100 SW)  I'll snoop around and see when that Sw came out.
After the BT split we had our Signal offices in the South end of the building.  Communication's Radio and Personnel was in there too.  Seems like we picked up our paychecks  for a while there too.
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On 7/9/2014 5:28 PM, Jim Goodin jbgoodin225@xxxxxxxxx [CBQ] wrote:
Thank you Lyle!  I need to digest the material, however the terminal photo answered a question.  I was curious about a rail siding to the building as it is several blocks off the mainline.  The photo clearly shows the siding..  While the building is still in use, the siding is long gone.


Somebody with better information than me might be able to say when the siding disappeared and/or the 'mainline' was set in, but I don't recall the siding in place when I use to walk by the building on my way to grade school in the mid 60's. My mom worked in the building, I always hoped I might see her in there and wave to her, but never did.  I remember the mainline. One day on my way home I placed a large snowball on the rail to see an approaching train crush it.  It was approacing from the east quite slowly, I was home about two blocks north of the track before the train even reached it.

Lyle D


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