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Thank you for the info.  The 1937 Railway Age sounds interesting as does the 1964 and 1968 ORER list.  If you could scan a copy and forward, I would greatly appreciate it.

I have a few items from Don Halffield.  I purchased a reproduction 1940 calendar along with a 1959 BTL company magazine.  I've contacted Don and it sounds as though he has sold his collection of other items.

I live about an hour away from Galesburg where the BTL main terminal and company offices were located.  I've found a few BTL items there, but BTL history is almost non existent.  I have discover that the corporate offices moved to Denver in the late 60's or early 70's.


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Attached is a list of magazine references relating to BTL. Let me know if
you want copies of anything. Also I can send you scans of -
four page article from Railway Age August 1937 entitled "Burlington Trucks
Make their Schedules Safely",
July 1964 and July 1968 ORER pages for BTL
1940 diagrammatic map of BT truck operations
Model Railroading February 1988 photos of trailers
Series of articles from Burlington Bulletin 1966-8
1968 Ownership, Age & Condition report

I also have some material from Don Halffield.



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Hi Everyone,

I will be giving a clinic on the Burlington Truck Lines at this fall's
annual meet in Rock Island. It will cover some history dating back into the
1930's, known equipment roster and modeling.

While I can cover the basics, I must confess that BTL information is very
hard to come by. I'm asking for any assistance in locating rosters, company
magazines(BTL Dispatch) and especially photos. Photos of trucks, trailers
terminals and freight houses would be helpful. Don't overlook background
scenes in your photos as I've found a lot of info where you might least
expect it. I would appreciate any help in locating any additional
information and would be happy to pay for any reproduction costs.

Thank you,

Jim Goodin
Blue Grass, IA

Posted by: Jim Goodin <jbgoodin225@xxxxxxxxx>


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Posted by: Jim Goodin <jbgoodin225@xxxxxxxxx>

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