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Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2022 14:37:59 -0600

Now you've got me wondering... specifically where in Chicago were the Flexi-Vans loaded on and off the train cars? At the Zephyr Pit? At Cicero and then moved to the Zephyr Pit by a yard job? I can't imagine that a hot Q passenger train that had just left CUS would then stop at Cicero to have the cars tacked on.

David Streeter
On 1/14/2022 6:20 AM, Tom Mack via wrote:
I checked the messages archives and this question has never been answered:

Where did the CB&Q run its Flexi-Van service?

Close to that is: Where were the CB&Q Flexi-Van terminals? Since specialized equipment (bogies and yard tractors) was needed to load and unload Flexi-Vans, I would think the actual Flexi-Van terminals would be clearly identified somewhere.

There is photo evidence of Flexi-Vans on certain passenger trains, including the recent one I posted that shows one on the Black Hawk. But the lack of photos still makes it hard for me to understand what the actual Flexi-Van routes were. I know the Black Hawk was scheduled for night service, so there aren't nearly as many photos of it as the Zephyrs, but I would think there might be some documentation about regular Flexi-Van service on this or other Q trains somewhere.

Any help would be appreciated. Or perhaps we have something in the BRHS archives?

Tom Mack
Cincinnati, OH
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