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Re: [CBQ] Any idea why the name os this Pullman was?

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Subject: Re: [CBQ] Any idea why the name os this Pullman was?
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Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2022 23:43:16 +0000 (UTC)
Burlington Bulletin Number 10 on the SSS chair cars has a comprehensive explanation on page 8 of which CB&Q cars received shadow lining. The article is authored by Bill Schultz and edited by Hol Wagner, noted CB&Q passenger car authorities.

The article states only four Pullman sleepers utilized by the Burlington received silver paint and shadow lining. These included the #659 Clover Veldt 8-5, the #670 Poplar Flat 6-6 and the #676 and #677 Happy Hollow Club and Lancaster Club 1-2-2-2's. These were painted in this scheme to serve as protection or substitute cars for Denver Zephyr service.  Photos of these cars appear in William Glick's "Burlington Passenger Car Photo Album", although later in their lifespan so the shadow lining is barely discernible in some photos.

None of the Pullman Betterment cars that ran in the 1940's on the Zephyr Rocket and the Exposition Flyer (Zephyr Tower, Rocket Tower, Missouri Tower, Denver Tower, Minneapolis or Cedar Rapids) received the shadow lining but rather only a straight silver paint scheme.
As mentioned the six Texas Zephyr Betterment Pullmans received multi-colored silver areas below and above the windows but did not receive shadow lining.

Hopefully this is of value in this issue.

Dennis Popish  

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I don’t believe the Texas Zephyr betterment cars received the simulated corrugation treatment, only different shades of aluminum/silver paint to simulate stainless steel.
Zephyr Tower and Rocket Tower used on the Zephyr Rocket did get the full scheme.  Offhand, I don’t know about the Missouri Tower and Denver Tower.
A number of other heavyweight Pullmans did get the scheme as well as some Burlington Route owned cars.
Charlie Vlk
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Not sure of the name but it appears to be one of the Texas Zephyr Heavyweight Pullmans with the Faux stripes painted to mimic the Stainless Steel Fluting on the lightweight cars.
Bill Belsher
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Or any other info like type and plan?
Brian Ehni
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