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Re: [CBQ] Pre Chinese Red Boxcar Color Using Acrylics

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Subject: Re: [CBQ] Pre Chinese Red Boxcar Color Using Acrylics
From: "Douglas Harding" <iowacentralrr@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2022 16:50:08 -0600

Charlie note the subject line says “Pre Chinese …” so the mineral brown color would be correct.


John Vallejo or Model-Flex are fine paints and perfectly acceptable. Many people don’t wish to learn how to use Acrylic paints, so they continue to advocate for something that handles like their beloved Floquil. Hence the love of Tru Color. I personally prefer Model-Flex. I have used their Dark Tuscan Oxide Red #13 for boxcars.



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Subject: Re: [CBQ] Pre Chinese Red Boxcar Color Using Acrylics



The Chinese Red cars use…Chinese Red paint, not Mineral Brown.  That is for the Script pre-Chinese Red Block Burlington lettered cars.

Dave Lotz at Q Connection offers Badger 16-153 CB&Q Chinese Red and other colors of interest to CB&Q modelers.

Even if you don’t want to use that brand I would use it as a color reference to establish the mixes or comparable paint in your preferred paint lines.

Other than being a fellow BRHS member I have no commercial ties to that enterprise..

Charlie Vlk



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Subject: [CBQ] Pre Chinese Red Boxcar Color Using Acrylics


I've started modeling a CB&Q branch line and am building some boxcars.  The CB&Q Historical website lists the appropriate color as Floquil ATSF Mineral Brown.  The MRH conversion chart lists the acrylic equivalent as either Vallejo Air 71.080 Rust or Modelflex 16.74 Illinois Central Brown. 

I am a member of Prototype Modelers and the preferred paint seems to be Tru Color.  However over the last two years I have had great luck with Vallejo and Modelflex.  Clean up is easier for starts.  So, can someone confirm the paints above are close, or other suggestions with Vallejo and Modelflex.

As an aside, I started another conversation on group io about paint color last year.  Consensus seemed to form around worrying too much about getting it exactly correct due to weathering, fading, and railroads at times were not that particular on what paint they used.

Thanks for responses.

John Moenius
Bluffton SC

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