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Re: [CBQ] Eastbound Coal Trains Through Savanna

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Subject: Re: [CBQ] Eastbound Coal Trains Through Savanna
From: "Winton" <runextra@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 03 Nov 2020 12:41:59 -0800
Good question, Rod, but I'm afraid I can't say definitively. My pay timebook 
records only go back to Sep 1978 and on Sept 12, 1978 I was called  for a 
Kiewit "P" unit train. Whether that was my first and one of the earliest I 
don't know? I had lots of them (way too many) after that. I came to Sheridan 
from Alliance in Sep 1975 and it was a few years after that the new unit train 
loadout track,  concrete silo, and tipple was built. So late summer of 1978 
seems reasonable? When did you come to Sheridan from Alliance? Was the new 
loadout there then? Might narrow it down another year or so. 
I last worked a P train (Kiewit, Bighorn Mine) on 12/22/85. But I took the west 
pool about that time so I can't say when the last unit train ran out of the new 
Kiewit tipple. 
I had to manually skim thru my old BN paper timeslip books for this info since 
I don't have those early years computerized yet. I was surprised to see that I 
was still occasionally working Mine Run jobs to the old tipple as late as Oct 
12. 1981.

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