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Thanks Rupert. The one confirms the Q did share in the CA originated business. 
Interesting how the care and handling of the silk changed in later times 
compared to early on.


> On Nov 8, 2021, at 8:53 PM, Rupert Gamlen <gamlenz@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Leo
> A couple of CB&Q related clippings.
> Rupert Gamlen
> Auckland NZ
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> Just finished an excellent article in the 3rd quarter 2021 of "The Milwaukee 
> Railroader" of the MRHA on that roads' silk trains from Seattle/Tacoma to 
> Chicago. The description of the silk cars and efforts made to keep them dry 
> and temperature controlled was interesting.
> A long time ago the old heads on BN that I worked with used to talk about the 
> silk and berry specials on the Q. The only thing I recall was their 
> descriptions of speed and the written instructions to the effect of "make 
> best time possible". 
> According to the MRHA article besides the Milw. the GN and NP handled the 
> business to St Paul and handed it to the Q. The CN and CP also had some of 
> the business. The article also details movements from San Francisco and 
> Oakland via Central Pacific and U.P. To Omaha as early as 1869. Wonder if the 
> Q handled any of this business from Omaha ?
> Does anyone have any info. about the Q's silk trains and/or business ?
> Leo Phillipp
> <Silk Train 1896 C7 v21 p142.jpg>
> <Silk train R&LE 1912 v25 p1-2.pdf>

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