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A couple of CB&Q related clippings.

Rupert Gamlen
Auckland NZ

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Just finished an excellent article in the 3rd quarter 2021 of "The Milwaukee 
Railroader" of the MRHA on that roads' silk trains from Seattle/Tacoma to 
Chicago. The description of the silk cars and efforts made to keep them dry and 
temperature controlled was interesting.
A long time ago the old heads on BN that I worked with used to talk about the 
silk and berry specials on the Q. The only thing I recall was their 
descriptions of speed and the written instructions to the effect of "make best 
time possible". 
According to the MRHA article besides the Milw. the GN and NP handled the 
business to St Paul and handed it to the Q. The CN and CP also had some of the 
business. The article also details movements from San Francisco and Oakland via 
Central Pacific and U.P. To Omaha as early as 1869. Wonder if the Q handled any 
of this business from Omaha ?

Does anyone have any info. about the Q's silk trains and/or business ?

Leo Phillipp

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