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Re: [CBQ] CB&Q station photos of Palmyra MO or NE ???

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Subject: Re: [CBQ] CB&Q station photos of Palmyra MO or NE ???
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Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2021 11:32:42 -0500


The photo that showed a wood station marked “PALMYRA JUNCTION” looks to be the same one lower down that has a freight annex added to the left side of the original looking at the trackside elevation.

“Junction” makes sense from the satellite view since there is a track or ROW leading off to the top of the image along a street with the name “Railroad Avenue” or some such.  What state either is in is up to those who are knowledgeable about that portion of the railroad.

Actually, for someone interested in the subject, an article (with illustrations) of Burlington stations with the same name in different states would be interesting and perhaps a good resource.  One of the Acadia books has a photo of “Lawndale” illustrating a history of the area of Chicago by that name but shows a GN depot in Minnesota rather than the so far illusive photo of the original or replacement depot at Millard Avenue.  We’ve had photos of other stations on other railroads with Burlington? town names here but there are plenty of duplications just on the Burlington lines!

Charlie Vlk


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this is one of those  "true incidnts" about which one can say.."ALL "RAIL"ROADS" LEAD TO PALMYRA".  


Pete..sorry for the "diversion" but I just couldn't pass it up.


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The company map copy righted 1947 shows what appears to be a Junction.



Lenny Ohrnell






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