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Re: [CBQ] CB&Q station photos of Palmyra MO or NE ???

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Subject: Re: [CBQ] CB&Q station photos of Palmyra MO or NE ???
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Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2021 18:15:04 -0500

#3 is definitely Palmyra, Nebraska. This depot was in service into the 70’s and except for the freight house being added was the original depot built by the Midland Pacific. The other two may be two different depots. The first has Junction in the name on the depot but the second only says Palmyra on the name board. There was an Ayr and Ayr Junction in Nebraska for many years. That may be the case here. The architecture of the first photo is unlike anything on Lines West the #2 photo has similarities to a number of the later depots in Nebraska but no brick depot was ever at Palmyra, Nebraska.

Gene T


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Subject: [CBQ] CB&Q station photos of Palmyra MO or NE ???


This guy needs some help.
There were/are two CB&&Q railroad stations named Palmyra. One in Missouri, the other in Nebraska. In the BRHS Flickr Photo Albums there are three photos that are labeled as being Palmyra MO. They all are very different looking station buildings.
My question to my expert friends is: Are all of three of these depot photos in BRHS Flickr collection of Palmyra MO as stated, or could one or two be Palmyra NE?
Attached are the three station photos. Also attach are two Google Map views of the likely location of each depot. And finally, a screen capture of the station data from the Q-Rail-Network feature in the Members Only area.
I am in need to know where these photos were taken so that I am correctly capture the information for them into the BRHS Photo Library's database.

I am linking the station photos in the BRHS Flickr collection to the BRHS Photo "search database". This means that when members run searches for photos of Q railroad stations it will return not only the photos in the BRHS Photo Library but also the photos in the BRHS Flickr Photo collection. The BRHS Photo search engine only links to the photos in the Flickr files. Below is an example. This search returned information from the BRHS Photo database regarding this photo and the image is 'imported' on the fly from the Flickr Albums system. The photo is not stored on the BRHS Photo server. The public photo searches will not include these Flickr photos, only the Members Only site will.

How am I doing?  Great! 372 photos linked, only 32,628 photo to go.

Jack Schroeder
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