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Re: [CBQ] [PassengerCarList] Budd car corrosion

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Subject: Re: [CBQ] [PassengerCarList] Budd car corrosion
From: "Hudson Leighton" <hudsonl@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2020 13:45:51 -0800
As a former part owner of a ex-WP Cal Zephyr Dome, I can tell you that roof leaks
were a BIG problem, the result was that the car body did not rust, it just filled with
water, I have heard the story of a Budd car that had a hole drilled in it's side and it peed water
like a race horse for days.

Also the interior was aluminum covered with Masonite with steel trim mounting clips at the joints, which when it
got wet would make a great battery causing the aluminum to rapidly corrode.

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