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[CBQ] 2021 Burlington Route Historical Society Calendar

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Subject: [CBQ] 2021 Burlington Route Historical Society Calendar
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Date: Wed, 4 Nov 2020 18:39:50 -0600
My copy of the BRHS 2021 calendar arrived today. It contains a nice mix of 
lines east and lines west photos. My compliments to the featured photographer 
and all involved in putting the calendar together. Nice job !

Here’s a few comments to add to the photo captions from a former operating 
employees view point that may be of interest to the more general audience.

May 2021-Love Bros. Foundry in the background of the 5632 photo was served by 
the “Alley Job”. To learn more about all the industry served in this general 
area, order a copy of the BRHS #51 Bulletin,”Railroading in Aurora” from the 
BRHS company store on the BRHS site.

July 2021- those  pretty E.J. & E. box cars on the CNW interchange track are 
almost guaranteed to be loads of tinplate for the Del Monte plant #115 which is 
just beyond the trees. The tinplate came from steel mills in NW Indiana. #115 
was served by the Q. The plant consumed two cars of tinplate twice a day from 
switches by the Q’s Rochelle jobs. A morning switch and an afternoon switch. 
Prior to the time of this photo there was only one switch per day by the 
Rockford wayfreight.
The tinplate was turned into tin cans by the “can plant”. These cans were 
either filled with product at Rochelle or put in Q box cars for distribution to 
Del Monte plants far and wide.

Back Cover- a family member was here today when the calendar arrived. He spent 
42 plus years on the BN,BNSF starting in 1974. He wanted to know what the 
“fourth signal” was on each signal mast shown at Farnsworth Ave(West Eola 
interlocking). For any others who may not know, the signal offset to the top 
left was a permissive signal allowing a train to pass the absolute red signals. 
Without going into all the operating manual rules it allowed a train to proceed 
knowing they were most likely following directly behind another train and “to 
be prepared to stop short of ........”.

>From an old “ground pounder”.

Leo Phillipp

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