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Subject: Re: [CBQ] CB&Q derails
From: "Bud Linroth" <>
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2018 12:30:46 -0600
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I remember a point lock causing a accident at Hillsdale on the p-vine.  The brakeman went up to line an opposing train into the siding and forgot his lantern.  When he unlocked the switch and pulled the handle out of the north the hogger shut off his headlight and told the opposing train he was lined in.  The brakeman did not know about point locks and couldn't see one anyway without his lantern.  The opposing train steamed right up to the switch with his headlight off and ran into the train standing on the main.  Stories circulated about the hogger clearing the wire fence in stride.

There were also several on the p-vine that had the point lock on the opposite side from the switch.  One was at Erie in front of the depot.  Another problem with the point locks were that they would sometimes  pop back up in closed position as soon as you started to throw the switch  Bud Linroth.

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Amen to those point locks…I almost never looked for those, and about yanked my arms out of their sockets when I tried to throw the switch, lol. ( when trying to outrace the engine and line the siding switch on the fly, you didn’t have much time to look for stripes, lol) Indeed most derails were painted yellow. I ran mostly dark territory on the Napier and St. Joe line, and all derails protecting the mainline were required to have padlocks and be lined and locked when left unprotected.


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All I ever saw..or "threw" in my "working years"...56 57 58 were yellow...I don't recall seeing any orange ones...John..maybe that varied with the "territory"


Just as a little side note..Some were locked..maybe that was just the ones that "protected" the main line.  I don't know what the rules or the "convention" was regarding locking..Maybe someone would like to comment on that feature.


This topic reminded my late wife used to say that "everything" did...about the matter of "Point locks"  The territory between Lincoln-NE and Ravenna was ABS and train order territory and IIRC all those main line switches had point locks..operated with a "foot treadle"..I'm  not sure whether all of them were "locked" with a padlock or if you just had to "step on " the treadle to release the lock.  As a friendly reminder those switches equipped with said "point locks" had a yellow stripe around the base of he switch stand to "remind one"...Sometimes if you weren't paying attention and forgot to step on the lock ;pedal you received a brief sharp pain in your "gut" as a reminder when you lifted the lever and tried to "yank" it around.  


Also I do remember that some of the clearance points were denoted by a yellow mark on the rail.  



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They were painted sometimes yellow but mostly orange, as were the "clearance points".


On Monday, November 26, 2018 1:16 AM, SCOTT NESBIT <> wrote:


Hey everyone, does anybody know what color the Q painted their derails in the 50’s era?


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