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September 15, 2015
Leo, Archie and other retired Chicago-Aurora trainmen - Question, without pouring over the Rules Of The Operating Department, was "short flagging" tolerated during severe winter weather? In the attached image dated January 1962, a flag man stands a short distance from his way car on what appears to be a bitterly cold late afternoon in Brookfield, IL. I say the man shown all bundled-up in a parka is a flag man as you can see his bag (I know there's a term for it) full of fusees and flags for protecting stopped trains. I suppose that may be this man is protecting the grade crossing in front of him for a backing movement, but I do not see a lit fusee on the road nor a flag in his hand. I'd appreciate any input on just exactly what this trainman is doing (other than stamping his snow covered feet to keep warm). GLAD I live in sunny, warm South Alabama having grown-up in the Midwest on Everywhere West.... Best Regards - Louis
Louis Zadnichek II
Fairhope, AL    


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