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The Q had a small number of bi-levels (maybe 10) assigned to Massey Ferguson at Detroit on the C&O.  They were unusual as they were "self-unloaders".  One end section of the B deck (top deck) could be lowered with some sort of a winch system.  This system allowed these cars to be unloaded at locations other than an auto facility.  I do not remember who manufactured the racks but I would guess it was Whitehead and Kales at River Rouge.
Fred Crissey

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I think I have a slide, or at least remember, seeing auto racks of Massey Ferguson model 35 tractors going through Galesburg in the mid 60's.  The whole point is that it is probably going to cost a modeler twice what the car cost just for the load to go on them. 
Nolen Null
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> Now we just need some good mid to late 60's pick up trucks!

Amen. And vans, too!

Paul Kossart
"...CB&Q Guy" in Peru, IL


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