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Re: [CBQ] CB&Q/MILW Xing in Aurora, IL

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Subject: Re: [CBQ] CB&Q/MILW Xing in Aurora, IL
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Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2014 09:17:41 -0500
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While you were talking about quarries - another question came to mind. (go figure!).  My Dad was part owner of Knollwood Gun Club about 2 1/2 miles out of Oswego.  Next to the Club entrance off of IL71 was a railroad bed that came from back in the trees (presumably from the Streator line along the river). Way back in the trees between 71 and the river was an old bridge. Once the roadbed hit  71 it was not visible across the road (the was a Verona Fathers building there when I was growing up. Does anyone know what this line may have been. There were farm fields there suiting the time I remember. Could this have been quarries at one time?


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Based on various conversations at the BRHS meets you know thats not a problem.

As long as we're on the subject of the CMG/Q here's a subject not many are aware of  and I would love to hear from anyone on the Milw side who can shed some light.

Here we go:

At some point the Q ran a spur up from the C&I on the west edge of Sugar Grove straight North to a point where it crossed present day rte 47 where it turns east/west North of Sugar Grove. I know this from several Kane County plat maps.

This Q spur is not Listed in any ETTs, I have a pretty extensive collection,due to other BRHS members generosity. This spur was headed for the Eskers that existed on what is now the Waubonsee Community College campus. If you turn off Rte 47 where all the new commercial development has taken place and go west you will come to a line of trees, in that line of trees is the Q roadbed.

So I am wondering what kind of xing would have existed where basically a pit or mine spur crossed the CMG ?

What's an esker ? That's where a glacier dumps it's load of accumulated rock,gravel,etc as it retraces it's route. If you want to see first hand a preserved example go west on Harter road from The WCC campus where  it veers east/west where rte 47 turns North. Appprox a mile or so on the left you will come to a perfect example that is now a preserved esker by the Kane County forest preserve.

The spur to these eskers were for gravel for ballast and probably for the Aurora elevation. After the 1998(?) monsoon of 17 inches that washed out the former Aurora lead and undercut the mainline the gravel was clearly visible.

Charlie after reviewing the BRHS Bulletin on the elevation there's little doubt in my mind that the post card showing a train of flats headed west on the North Ave bridge is headed for either the pits North of Sugar Grove or West of Montgomery(a whole separate story)

Leo Phillipp


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