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Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2016 12:50:57 -0500


Hello Leo –

I finally got down to the West Chicago City Museum this morning to talk with Sara.

Jim Singer has been trying to pry loose “non-West Chicago CB&Q material” for transfer to

BRHS and movement to Lake States.

Sara said the “Aurora” had expressed an interest in some of this stuff.  Are you part of the

“Aurora” historical group?  Or do you know folks in this group?

My only concern is that some material might go down a blind alley to some group and never

be seen again.  Gathering stuff together at BRHS makes more sense.


Later this summer Sara plans to get stuff out of storage and find good homes for it all.

I’d like to keep you in the loop with this.


Sara has your Aurora BB and has promised to look at the pictures and maybe read the captions.

Remind me to ‘float to the surface’ some of the Aurora items I’ve found at estate sales.  You

probably have all of it but you’re certainly welcome to take a look.




Philip A. Weibler,  122 Ingalton Ave., West Chicago, IL 60185

(630) 231-8727   pawnbaw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Area code honors the surviving Rock Island E6

Ingalton Avenue used to go all the way north to Ingalton station on the CGW

Oh, what will West Chicago be like without the smell of Chocolate Frosted Flakes in the morning?





Posted by: Phil <pawnbaw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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