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I since my MRs are packed the issue that the railroad was featured I can’t recall the Bohemian spelling of the Funeral home  ….  Her-ray-sha is the phonetic spelling of the funeral home if I recall correctly.

Pomona Valley made the EA/EB units and the Silver Charger.   1936 DZ and General Pershing cars were also available.  E5A/B units were available but it is not clear if Pomona Valley was the source as another builder has been attributed to them.   All were very nice models, especially the E5s which approach later brass models in appearance.  There were some earlier Zephyrs which were made from tin cans and were not as nice, even as a grade schooler

I noticed that….

The railroad had a city which had S gauge trolley tracks with streetcars powered with Miller integral power trucks.  Having had a S2 with those trucks I understand why they never ran while I saw the railroad….the trucks had no gearing (the armature was on the axle and the wheels were the commutators, being divided into four segments) and thus had two speeds….stopped, and supersonic!

There was at least one decent O5 model which may have been a Corbin engine.  I think there was a converted AF MILW 0-6-0 and some other Q prototype engines.   One oddity was a double ended PA painted in Rio Grande Black and Gold.

The lower level that was mentioned reminded me of looking down the platforms at Union Station.   I don’t recall seeing the NCL but vaguely remember an Empire Builder.   I don’t think I ever saw any Chinese Red painted engines but I’ll bet they were on the Burlington Junior before they were on the Q!!!

Charlie Vlk


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I remember reading that Mr. Budd, president of the CB&Q gave these fellows a model of a Q train or engine after his visit to the layout.


On January 1, 2019 at 11:30 AM James Sandrin <sandmantrains@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The Funeral Home layout was an unexpected treat that I received from a friend and his father when I was still living in Hillside in the early 1960s.  I was instructed to show up at their place at 6 one evening to go on a short trip. After a half hour drive, we were escorted through an alley entrance, down some dark stairs to this impossibly wonderful scene that reflected the real Burlington that I would visit on my bike.  One note worthy memory was an O-scale North Coast Limited in Loewy Two-tone green.  At one point, one of our hosts took the shell off a Chinese-red Geep to reveal that the body had been fashioned from  a Maxwell House coffee can ( the artwork still readable on the inside of the shell)!  Needless to say, those impressions are still with me, over half a century later.  Just another step down this road to ruin on becoming a railfan.  Jim Sandrin



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