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Subject: [CBQ] New Book on the 1869 Hannibal and St. Joseph RR Bridge at Kansas City
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Date: Sat, 9 Oct 2021 08:44:10 -0500
Thank you to the group members who previously fielded queries I had in
preparation for my new book. In 1870, engineers Octave Chanute and George
Morison published a report describing their greatest achievement to date,
The Kansas City Bridge, aka the Hannibal Bridge (for the H&StJ RR), which
opened on July 3, 1869. Special thanks to Al Kamm, III, and the CBQ
Archives, to whom I?ve presented complimentary copies of my 2-volume set.
The books, ?Engineered Irony: Crossing Octave Chanute?s Kansas City Bridge
for Trains and Teams, 1867-1917,? are available separately on
Here are some highlights:

* A chronological gallery of every known image of the bridge over its nearly
50-year life span
* A tribute naming the hundreds of men who built the engineering feat (from
CBQ Records at Newberry Library)
* A memorial to those who died 
* An Octave Chanute biography, and short bios of other engineers
* An edited reprint of Chanute and Morison?s 1870 report, "The Kansas City
* A retrospective on how the bridge was important to the engineering
* Two volumes, 226- and 459-pages respectively (order separately at
* Historical illustrations, maps, documents, nearly 500 endnotes, an
expansive bibliography, and index

Cordially, David W. Jackson

P.S. I don't know if your listserve supports attachments, but I'm including
one here (.jpg and .pdf) for whomever it may concern.

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