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Re: [CBQ] Waycars and cabooses used on run-through trains

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Subject: Re: [CBQ] Waycars and cabooses used on run-through trains
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Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2021 19:25:59 -0500
I have a vague memory of an anecdote within a larger article in Trains about a BN crew (in the 70s) that took a transfer to the BRC during a snowstorm. Naturally, they died there and had quite a wait for a ride back. One man's wife called the BN to find out when he might get home. The person who took the call said "Oh, he's dead over at the Belt." "<gasp> Dead???! <sob sob sob>" "Oh geez lady, I don't mean he's dead, he's just dead." This did little to calm her. The man in question was called on the company radio and told to phone home immediately. (I'm paraphrasing the actual conversation; like I said, it's a vague memory of something I read a long time ago, and it was probably paraphrased in the first place.) (Also, sorry about the delayed response. I'm a couple weeks behind on my email.)

David Streeter

On 6/28/2021 10:18 AM, Leo Phillipp via wrote:
A couple comments in response to comments made by others in this chain. My time reference is the 1970s.

The problem with transfers was the very nature of the beast. As a transfer crew your dragging around a lengthy train on a foreign railroad. You’re going to be the last thing moved. All home road moves will go in front of you. It was a daily, constant scene of westbound foreign road transfers backed up on mains 4 and 5 between Union Ave and the Belt bridge. They would literally be parked nose to tail. There might even be a train or two setting down on the Panhandle waiting it’s turn. With 16 hours to work it would be more likely to make this slow, sluggish trip and then get back home caboose light. But with the reduction to 14 and then 12 hours it became much more unlikely to make a round trip under the hours of service.

I’m sure the same thing was happening to BN crews at foreign yards.
It would be interesting to hear from someone with knowledge of how all this accumulated foreign stuff made its way back home.

Leo Phillipp

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