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That is interesting.  One of the preserved O5s has a plaque calling it a Mohawk which I always thought was a misinformed mistake.  However brief the term was, some old-timer must have provided the moniker!

The only CB&Q-unique locomotive class name was the Colorado type M4 which were called Texas for most roads and Selkirk on the CP.

The CB&Q can claim credit for naming the 2-6-2 as “Prairie” even though the first regular tender version was built for New Zealand.

Charlie Vlk


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For a time after the first eight O-5s (5600-5607) were delivered by Baldwin in 1930, the were called Mohawks, but the change to the more common Northerns was made within a few months.  The name Mohawks was used by the New York Central for its 4-8-2s, which were more commonly called Mountains, including by the Burlington.




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They were also Northerns on the Burlington.

Rupert Gamlen
Auckland NZ


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Did the CBQ have a name for their 4-8-4's . . . . NP (Northern), NYC (Niagara), etc... .

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