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Yupe a language and slang all our own and it varied from Road to Road.  Bring someone in from another road and you had to learn new words.
Steve in SC
Same living down here.

On Saturday, July 5, 2014 10:08 AM, "Leo qutlx1@xxxxxxx [CBQ]" <CBQ@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

For most railroad employees the job didn't stop when you went off the property. Here's a true incident that took place at the office one night. I have changed the names and a bit of the details to protect the identity of those involved. This took place in the 70s so while it's Not Q it did take place on the old Chicago and Aurora div.

Picture a couple young ladies out for the night sitting comfortably at the bar in the office. As the evening goes on in walks a gentlemen and then a bit later another. The first man turns out to be Bob, a BN engineer who is stopping off for a cold one after 12 plus hours coming from Savanna to Cicero,except he didn't make it to Cicero as the hog law got him. Coming into Aurora Bob had suggested that given the short amount of time left for the crew that cars for Congress Park be brought to Cicero and back hauled out to the Park.

The other gentlemen is Rich,who is a BN train dispatcher who is also stopping off after his shift. Rich was the east end dispatcher that night.

Now the two guys start to have a heated exchange that goes something along these lines. Rich asks Bob why he went and died on him on the east end. Bob replies to Rich that if you had listened to me and let me bring the shorts into Cicero instead of setting them out at Nabisco I wouldn't have died.

Can you picture the ladies trying to figure out what the xxxx the conversation was about ?! You had to be there to see their faces.

As a bit of disclaimer the parties involved do not participate in this group.

Leo Phillipp

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