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[CBQ] Re: CB&Q/MILW Xing in Aurora, IL

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Subject: [CBQ] Re: CB&Q/MILW Xing in Aurora, IL
From: "robert runty brjr51@xxxxxxxxx [CBQ]" <CBQ@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 5 Jul 2014 07:56:27 -0700

  At the risk of starting a thread drift, a question about eskers. I grew up south of Joliet with the CM&G/ Milw practically in my backyard. It was pretty much our playground, walking and climbing trestles, hunting and shooting from the ROW, looking for artifacts, etc. ( with @ four trains a week it wasn't too dangerous). As a kid we would spend hours looking for interesting rocks in the ballast, which I would today compare to the river rock landscapers used. We would find quartz, geodes, etc. It's the only rail line I ever encountered that I remember using something like this. Could this be the eskers you referred to?



Posted by: robert runty <brjr51@xxxxxxxxx>

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